Webinar: How to respond to dark negotiation tactics?

Webinar: How to respond to dark negotiation tactics?

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Learn to recognise & tackle any dark tactic that comes your way

Do you recall the last time you were lied to in a negotiation? Were you frustrated, angry or disappointed? As most of us, you probably experienced very negative feelings, but what did you do about it?

Making untrue statements in negotiations is shockingly common and you probably encounter it daily without even realising. However, the problems will not disappear by hiding yourself from negotiations as we all negotiate 10 times a day on average, be it in business or private life.

There are tools you can learn to protect yourself from dark negotiation practices.

Join our webinar and find out:

  1. the most common dirty negotiation tactics,
  2. how to address these dirty tactics and protect yourself in the future, and…
  3. ..whether you should use these techniques yourself