How is the online training delivered?

The online trainings will be delivered as an interactive training by TWS negotiation experts via zoom. In addition, all relevant material will be shared with participants via the mail address used for registration.

What is the maximum number of participants?

We will have a maximum of 15 participants for each training in order to ensure interaction on a personal level.

Will I have access to the course material after completion?

Yes, all tools and documents explained and developed in the training will be shared with participants.

Will I need to purchase any additional material?

No, all relevant material will be shared with you before and during the training.

What do I receive upon the completion of the course?

In addition to all the training material and a recording of the training you will receive the following bonus elements after the training:

  1. TWS course certificate
  2. Negotiation approach tool
  3. Negotiation question pad
  4. Salary negotiations guide
  5. 2x30min 1-1 coaching sessions
  6. Access to a private group of participants in LinkedIn

How do I arrange the coaching sessions?

Every participants will receive 2 coupons that can be used for the coaching sessions without incurring any further costs. Details will be shared at the end of the training.

Will there be any further trainings?

There will be additional trainings, free-to-participate webinars, other material including negotiation updates. Details and dates will be published on our website in due time. Please subscribe to our updates on the home page and stay tuned.

How should I position my certificate on the resume?

You can use the certificate to showcase the completion of the course both on your resume and your professional social media profile.

List your TWS Negotiations Excellence certificate on the CV/resume:

  • TWS Partners
  • Certificate in Negotiations
  • Date, Month, Year

List your TWS Negotiations Excellence certificate on your LinkedIn profile:

  • School: TWS Partners
  • Dates attended: [Specify dates]
  • Degree: [Specify relevant course name]
  • Field of Study: -
  • Grade: "Complete"
  • Activates and Societies: -

Will I get a paper certificate?

Yes, you will be provided with a paper certificate after the completion of the training. The certificate will be signed by TWS partners and can be displayed and mentioned on your resume.

On which platform will the training be conducted?

The training will be conducted on Zoom as it is the most widely available software that provides the most functionality for the online training. Please get in touch with us if you have any problems downloading & accessing Zoom.

What are the browser requirements?

Any of the following browsers would be suitable to access and participate in the training.

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 11+, Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+
  • macOS: Safari 7+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+
  • Linux: Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+

What are my payment options?

All major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Diners, CUP, JCB and Maestro as well PayPal are accepted for an online payment.

Do you offer payment plan options?

Unfortunately we do not offer payment plan options for the training at the moment. Please reach out to us to check if and how we may be able to accommodate you.

Can someone else pay for the training on my behalf?

Yes, someone else may pay for the training as long as it is clear who would be attending the training. Please note that the full payment amount should be transacted ahead of the training.

What are your policies for deferrals?

In case you no longer can make one of the trainings, you can rebook yourself for an alternative date from the ones available on the website. In case future dates are not listed, please reach out to us to find out when the next trainings are planned.

Do you have any discounts or group rebates?

We currently do not offer discounts to individuals other than the discounts already indicated in the price. For group trainings please reach out to us.